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What to Expect (Buyer)

It’s not uncommon for a first-time homebuyer to say to me, “Gosh, just last week I called you about buying a home and now I’m in contract! How did this happen so fast?” The answer is it didn’t. First-time homebuyers start the search long before most even realize it.

Here’s what you can expect from your home shopping experience.

Benefits for a First-Time Home Buyer

You should buy a home. That’s what you’ve been hearing from friends and family, right? So, by now you have likely already weighed the benefits and decided that home ownership was the best decision for you. That’s a major hurdle now passed. You are focused and certain. Good.

How Long Should It Take to Buy Your First Home?

A motivated buyer will find a home within two to four weeks. Most of my buyers find a home within 1 week.

Good real estate agents will listen to your wants and needs and arrange to show only those homes that fit your particular parameters. We can also preview homes before showing them to you as well.

How Many Homes Will a Home Buyer See?

Studies show that your memory dramatically improves after consumption of carbs and slows upon consuming sugar. So, lay off the soft drinks and have a hearty meal of carbs before venturing out to tour homes. The average number of homes that I show to a buyer in one day is seven. Any more than that, and the brain is on overload. Therefore, don’t expect to see 20 or 30 homes; although it’s physically possible to do so, you probably will not remember specific details about any of them.

The “Black Shoes” Experience for a Home Buyer

Some women may relate to this. Say, you need a new pair of black shoes. You go to the mall. At the first shoe store, you find a extraordinary pair of black shoes. You try them on. They fit perfectly. They are glamorous. Priced perfectly, too. Do you buy them? Of course not! You go to every other store in the mall trying on black shoes until you are ready to drop from exhaustion. Then you return to the first store and buy those black shoes. Do not shop for a home this way. When you find the perfect home, buy it because it may not be there tomorrow.

How a First-Time Home Buyer Can Rate Inventory

Bring your camera phone and begin each series of photos with a close-up of the house number to identify where each group of home photos start and end. Take ample notes of unusual features, colors and design elements you love. Pay attention to the home’s surroundings.

What is next door?

Do 2-story homes tower over your single story?

Do you like the location?

Is it near a park or a power plant?

Does the neighborhood look well kept?

Immediately after leaving, rate each home on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

View Top Choices a Second Time Before Buying That First Home

After touring homes for a few days, you will probably instinctively know which one or two homes you would like to buy. Let u show them to you again. You will see them with different eyes and notice elements that were overlooked the first go-around. 

This is the point where we will call the listing agents to find out more about the sellers’ motivation and to double-check that an offer hasn’t come in, making sure these homes are still available for you you buy.

Making the Selection To Buy a Home

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I generally know which home a buyer is going to choose before they do. It’s an intuition. But I make it a practice not to steer buyers, and I insist that buyers choose the home without interference from me. It’s not my choice to make.

Real estate agents are required, however, to point out defects and should help buyers feel confident that the home selected meets the buyer’s search parameters. Trust we will always give you an honest opinion based on what we talked about at the very beginning.

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